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Winter 2018 Kiwi Sighting

During the Trusts pest control work we also gather a lot of information on the health of the areas Flora and Fauna. We use this information to refine and adjust our program to best suit a specific area. This could be as simple as putting a little extra resource into an area that we have...
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Spring Pest Eradication

Well the heavy winter rains that we have had this year hopefully have gone and Summer is coming. With the dryer ground the Trust will shortly be carrying out a round of pest eradication for Possum and Wallaby. There are no native species both Flora and Fauna on...
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BIOSECURITY ALERT – MYRTLE RUST – Austropuccinia psidii

WHAT’S AT RISK, WHERE DO I LOOK? Myrtle rust only effects plants from the Myrtacae plant family. This includes some of New Zealand’s most iconic indigenous plants – rata, pohutukawa, manuka, kanuka and ramarama – as well as exotic myrtles like feijoa, guava and eucalypts. It attacks new leaves on many plants and mature leaves on...
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2017 Upcoming Pohutukawa Trust Pest cull

The trust is undertaking a cull this winter using a team of professional hunters of identified pests such as Possums and Wallaby. The work is required urgently given the evidence that Wallabies especially are abundant this year. Encouraged no doubt by a spring which provided ample feed and good breeding conditions. The trust subsidises...
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2016 Program for the removal of declared pests.

Last year the PohutukawaTrust with the support of a number of Landowners on Kawau undertook an ambitious trial to assess the viability of a humane program for the removal of declared pests. The pests being targeted in this program are possums, rats, stoats and of course wallabies. The trial proved to be a great success with...
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