2017 Upcoming Pohutukawa Trust Pest cull

The trust is undertaking a cull this winter using a team of professional hunters of identified pests such as Possums and Wallaby. The work is required urgently given the evidence that Wallabies especially are abundant this year. Encouraged no doubt by a spring which provided ample feed and good breeding conditions. The trust subsidises landowners who participate in the program and has successfully carried out a similar cull over the last two years with good success. However the work was hampered by a lack of access to as many properties as possible. We are therefore appealing to property owners to get behind this vital project, and allow the culling team access to your land. The work is mostly undertaken at night and all animals shot by the hunters will be removed. The result we expect will be a greatly enhanced environment with the removal of the destructive pest.
Property owners and ratepayers keen to assist the trust’s work to save the islands Flora and Fauna should contact Carl Weaver through the Trust’s email address at : admin@pohutukawatrust.kiwi

Trust Mailout Sheet April

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