2016 Program for the removal of declared pests.

Last year the PohutukawaTrust with the support of a number of Landowners on Kawau undertook an ambitious trial to assess the viability of a humane program for the removal of declared pests.
The pests being targeted in this program are possums, rats, stoats and of course wallabies. The trial proved to be a great success with many landowners reporting much greater bird activity including Kiwi, and much improved native plant growth. Following on from this stunning success we have a team visiting the island next in September, again in October and finally November 2016.
We want to offer the opportunity to involve as many landowners as possible in this work to make the cull effective and help restore our beautiful environment. The Pohutukawa Trust is prepared to assist financially. The trust is able to HEAVILY subsidise landowners who wish to participate by covering two thirds of the cost to treat their property.
By signing up, landowners will ensure that the team includes their property in their work. It is difficult to provide the exact cost of the team visiting a property and returning to carry out their work, but it will be modest. From the works carried out last year we are able toprovidean estimate of what the cost may be.
The trust itself, BY PAYING 2/3RD OF THE COST is making a significant investment in this work as we know from the feedback we are getting from last year’s work it is effective.
Landowners who may wish to participate in this year’s program can get in touch with us using the “contact us” page on this site.
The Pohutukawa Trust thank you for your continued support.

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