Working to protect and restore our native Flora and Fauna

Welcome to the Pohutukawa Trust. Based in Auckland, we are passionate about conserving and preserving the stunning native Flora and Fauna of Kawau Island and New Zealand.

We believe that our Native Flora and Fauna are part of our Culture and Identity

The effects of outside forces have had devastating effects on the Island. We want to regenerate and protect local plants and animals, such as the iconic Pohutukawa Tree and Kiwi, so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the beauty of nature as our ancestors have.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Pohutukawa Trust New Zealand is simple

  • To rehabilitate the native Flora and Fauna of Kawau Island.
  • To achieve sustainable land use on Kawau Island.
  • To promote the conservation of indigenous species in New Zealand.

Contribute To The Rehabilitation And Preservation Of The Natural Beauty Of Kawua Island

Winner Green Ribbon Award 2003

The Trust would like to thank the flowing for their support:

Animal Control Products Ltd

Rodney Local Body